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Closed Captions for TV Spots and Online Media


Tilt Digital creates perfect closed captions that meet the specs set by industry standards.  We'll make sure that each closed caption is placed perfectly and does not interfere with any of your content including titles and supers.


We use the state of the art captioning software, MacCaption Pro to create captions, subtitles and more.


We can prepare TV spots with broadcast ready closed captions and send them to stations across the country. A file and a script is all we need to prepare a captioned video which can then be encoded to comply with any TV station's specs.  We can also prepare subtitles for videos.


We are the TV spot delivery experts with precision every time.  We can also take a closed captioned file and marry it to your ProRes or MPEG-2 digital file and provide a captioned master file back to you for your archives!


Call today for all our closed caption and TV spot services.